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Legos have been around for many many years and I remember playing with them as a kid.  I haven’t thought much more about them until recently.  I was in my local Walmart and decided to pick up a “Starwars Microfighter”set.  It was only $9.99 so I thought, why not…turns out that I actually really enjoy putting the sets together.  I’ve since picked up a Marvel Super Heroes set from Walmart and…

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PS Plus

Playstation Plus members get “Mercenary Kings” for PS4 and “Batman Arkham City” for PS3 for free!


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lovely video game art ✿ alice: madness returns

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You’re killing Gavin.

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“Deadlight” is the second free game of the month that Xbox is offering to it’s gold members.  It’s a side scrolling game which means the player can only go right to left or left to right.  You cannot go off of the main path.

The game was first released via Xbox Live Arcade in 2012.  It’s pretty much a zombie fighting game that wants you to avoid the zombies as much as possible.  The gameplay…

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